What the Critics are saying...

"Gaye Elise Beda, thought-provoking works by the well-seasoned New York Artist who has recently been inspired by Italy"    - Cathy Viksjo, The Times

"Gaye Elise Beda, creates her own world in magic realism of colorful city scenes. In large acrylics on paper, she revels her skills and her own personal coloration, as if it is the end of the day. Her canvas, "Little Gifts", with a girl carrying a big doll, recalls a lonely childhood"    
- Joseph Merkel,

"Gaye Elise Beda, creates sharp fantasy bound canvases including the disturbing
"Little Girls"' - Lauren Otis, Art Speaks

"... While "Patterns of Power, Washington, DC." by Gaye Elise Beda is a photorealist
rendering of the colums, steps, and shadows of a government
office building."                         - S.K. Flint, Artspeaks

"Gaye Elise Beda has five acrylics of typical NewYork scenes done with her own
special color sense." - Meredith Hall, Artspeaks

"...Beda's Skillfully executed traditional work..."
                - Edward Feldman,
Manhattan Arts International
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Manhattan Arts 1996
Manhattan Arts 1996.
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