Early training and formal studies were driven by a deep interest in the beauty of everyday human nobility. Ernest Kirchner and Hieronymus Bosch were heavy influences that shaped her personal style. In 1975 she moved to New York City, and opened her life to the challenges of the main Art stream. Her sharp strong color became intensely personal and complex. Continuing her love of life drawing and through active involvement with the Salmagundi Club and the Women in the Arts Foundation, her composition blossomed through direct contact with her contemporaries.

Ms. Beda's drive lead her to trips throughout Italy, Israel, the Bahamas, Hungary and recently San Miquel de Allende, Mexico where she discovers a very human condition. The most recent Mexico Series are representational yet broken up by clear, mature color in an almost impressionistic manner. She creates atmospheric unique
compositions through the sense of color and theatrical lighting.
This achieves new and intriguing effects with strong contrast.






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